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  The focus of private and semi-private training is dependent on the needs of the individual player.  A development program is designed to take your game to the next level.  Private sessions are run year round, on-ice and off-ice sessions push you out of your comfort zone and turn your weaknesses into strengths.  




(SharpShooter Gym/Track)

taxes included


(Jersey/Ice Rental Provided)

taxes included

Private 1 player - $90 per player

Semi-Private 2 players - $60 pp

Semi-Private 3 players - $50 pp

Semi-Private 4 players - $40 pp

Semi-Private 5 players - $35 pp

Semi-Private 6 players - $30 pp

Team Training 7+ players - $200 

Private 1 player - $200 per player

Semi-Private Additional players - $20 pp


On-Ice Team Training 9+ players

please refer to our TRAIN TEAM page

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