"SharpShooter Hockey Training is by far the best off-ice and on-ice training I’ve ever been a part of. Andrew Sharp is an amazing coach and trainer. My first summer of training with SharpShooter enabled me to make the next step to Junior A hockey."
"Andrew is by far the hardest working trainer I have had and really pushes me to become a better hockey player. Ever since I joined SharpShooter Hockey Training I have seen huge growth in my game."
"Andrew's guidance helped me achieve my goal of attaining an NCAA Div.I scholarship. His program helped me improve my explosiveness, coordination and cardio which have all been key contributing factors in elevating my game."
"SharpShooter Hockey is an outstanding program. Andrew's passion and dedication for each individual athlete is phenomenal. He focuses on all aspects of your game and helps you develop into the best hockey player you can be."
"Andrew has pushed me to where
I am today, I feel that Andrew and
all the athletes who train with him, helped form me into the goalie and person I am."
"SharpShooter is easily the best training I have done. Andrew and everyone part of SharpShooter push you to strive and excel your game. Without SharpShooter I wouldn’t be the person or player I am today."
"Andrew is a great trainer and helped me achieve my goal of playing the highest level of hockey. I can see the impact it has made on and off the ice."
"Andrew Sharp changed me as a player AND person dramatically. He prepares you to excel as a player, mentally and physically. To all of you up and coming players, Sharpshooter is definitely a right fit for you."
"A good coach can be very difficult to find. Luckily for you the search is over. Andrew Sharp is your man. SharpShooter Hockey Training is hands down one of the most professionally run programs in the Lower Mainland."
"I joined SharpShooter Hockey Training and it turned out to be the best decision I made all summer. Andrew Sharp is an outstanding trainer, and works hard to push your limits on and off the ice. I became a faster and stronger player."
"I want to say this was the absolute best thing I did last off-season. The improvements in my conditioning, strength and speed were incredible."
"Sharpshooter Hockey Training allowed me to develop both as a player and person. If you are looking for an elite, intense, yet fun environment to harness your game and advance your career look no further. SharpShooter is truly a cut above the rest."
"SharpShooter Hockey Training is by far the best off-season training program I have ever attended. Andrew Sharp is the reason I am playing at the Junior A level."
"Thanks to SharpShooter for giving me the strength, speed and agility I need to compete at the junior A level. Andrew is a great motivator and kept us working hard while encouraging us and showing an interest in each of us and our progress."
"Andrew Sharp pushes his players to the limit, whether that's at the track, gym or the rink. I would not be playing at the junior A level without the knowledge and workouts Andrew has given me."
"Best hockey training I've ever had. Blast and I can see a huge improvement in my game."
"It's hard. But that's what makes it good, pushes you to your limits to create a better, faster and stronger player. I loved it and will continue to do it for some time. I highly recommend SharpShooter Hockey Training."
"Great training in a great hard work environment! Andrew pushes you to your limits and that's what makes him the best! You will see a huge improvement in your game with his training!"
"I have been training with Andrew Sharp for the past 5 years, and over this time he has helped me achieve an extreme level of fitness that I didn’t even think was possible of myself."
"SharpShooter Hockey Training is an outstanding program."
"For anyone who wants to become a successful hockey player, this is worth the time and effort to take your game to the next level. Andrew Sharp will do anything he can to help you achieve your goals."
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